Why “Book An Appointment” Facebook Ads Don’t Work

How awesome would it be to literally wake up in the morning to a day full of qualified appointments with people who can’t wait to give you money?

Here’s the thing – when you’re meeting with QUALIFIED people, you don’t need to get in front of everyone, just the people that need your help.

Facebook ads are super sexy for that exact reason – you can get your message in front of the exact people who need your help and get them to click, book or buy.

Whether you’ve dabbled in Facebook ads or have just been thinking about trying them, the ultimate goal is to book your calendar solid with qualified appointments, right?

Sooo, since that’s the goal, here’s what that would probably look like if you’re new to Facebook ads:

  • You’d head on over to the Facebook Business Manager
  • Struggle for a bit to figure it all out (maybe even head over to YouTube to watch tutorials)
  • Look for ANY creative bone in your body to write something compelling that asks them to book an appointment, a discovery call or some other form of meeting
  • Find a picture for the ad
  • Sit there contemplating what the “action” should be and decide on “book an appointment” because that obviously seems logical
  • Nervously hit submit
  • The ad gets approved by Facebook… Yay!
  • Have a little dance party because it’s about to start raining money up in here when these appointments to come flying in.

But instead, you get… crickets.


Facebook ads are supposed to work!

My friend, what you just did is the equivalent of walking up to a random person in a random place and being like, “wanna have sex?”

If walking up to random people and soliciting sex is your jam, more power to you.

If not, you might get one or two yeses – but we’re not going for one or two.

We’re going for MASSIVE growth.

The Reason “Book An Appointment” Ads Aren’t Working

The reason it didn’t work is because they don’t know who you are.

They don’t trust you yet.

Instead, you’ve got to warm them up and show them that you understand them and are qualified to help them BEFORE you get them to say yes.

With the amount of sales messages we see every day, it’s impossible for them not to be skeptical.

Yes, YOU know that you’re qualified and can help them, but you’re still a stranger to them.

Now let me ask you – when something is wrong with your body, do you call the doctor first or do you go to Google first?

I don’t know about you, but I go to WebMD (even if they tell me I have a brain tumor and have 24 hours to live) because I hate going to doctors and given the fact that sites like WebMD are so popular, no one else likes them either.

We like convenience, low commitment and easy.

“Discovery call”, “consultation” or whatever other fancy word that you want to slap on there is just a renamed version of a sales pitch.

… At least that’s what your leads think.

They don’t want to talk to you, nor do they need YOU to be on demand…

They want information on demand.

They want a solution on demand.

By having a three layer approach to Facebook ads, you position yourself as an expert, someone helpful and trustworthy AND someone that can help them with their problem…

NOT as someone who is trying to sell them something.

The 3-layer Facebook ad strategy works because it’s how we build relationships in real life.

Top-Layer Ads

Here’s a different way to think about it…

Have you ever gone on YouTube looking for a tutorial about something?

When you get to the last 10-20 seconds of the video, they always throw in the “like or subscribe” or “click below to ___”, right?

As soon as they get to that, you probably click over to the next video or close out of the tab because you don’t need to subscribe… You just needed help with your problem.

Your top layer ads are like YouTube videos… You should focus on the problem that they’re experiencing and where they’re getting hung up.

You’re giving away just enough to grab their attention and getting them to go, “man, they get me!”

Let’s say for example, you’re a chiropractor who wants to focus on helping gym rats fix and prevent injuries.

A great top-layer ad would be a video about 3 common squatting mistakes that lifters make that cause knee pain.

Ok, so you with me so far?

I’m about to say something that you might actually lose your mind over…

You should NOT have a call to action on this ad.

That is NOT a typo.

I repeat, that is not a typo.

Before you shoot my head off, hear me out…

Opt-ins have been made so popular that people have started guarding their email addresses and phone numbers tighter than their credit cards and social security numbers (and while I mean that jokingly, that’s actually not that far of a stretch).

This audience is ice cold and they don’t know who you are or what you offer – they just have a problem they need to fix.

They don’t want to be sold.

With that in mind, the goal of this Facebook ad is to get engagement – you want them to watch the video and THAT’S IT.

*I know that your brain is like, “but, but, but what about getting appointments?!”*

The magic happens AFTER they watch the video…

Mid-Layer Ad

Facebook allows you to target people who’ve engaged with your posts or watched your videos.

… And don’t you think that if someone spent a few minutes watching a very specific video about mistakes that people make that cause squatters knee pain, they’re probably someone who is a lifter that HAS knee pain when squatting?

This audience is aware of their problem and they KNOW they have a problem, so now they’re primed to hear to solutions.

You’ve shown them that you “get” them and can help them, so you’re going to show them another ad that offers a solution – your opt-in or low-priced offer.

This should be an easy, low commitment way to say “yes” – it should offer a TON of value and doesn’t have to be super complicated to create.

Going back to the chiropractor example, they’re still not warm enough to book an appointment at this point because in their minds, they don’t need you yet.

So maybe, you offer them a 5-day printable plan to stretch, strengthen and warmup their knees BEFORE they start squatting… And you give it to them in exchange for an email and phone number.

You see how we’re building on this?

One of the biggest mistakes that I made for a longgggg time that costed me wayyyyyy too much money is that I would create content, collect the lead andddd they’d sit there…

I’d either get to busy to follow-up, just didn’t have time or it had been so long, I didn’t even know what to say.

Let’s not make that same mistake, Empire Builder.

That’s where the next layer comes in – and this is where we get to turn Facebook ads into appointments on our calendar.

Bottom-Layer Ads

This is where the moolah is made…

Butttt you can’t get here without doing all of the work beforehand.

Immediately after they opt-in, you want your thank you page to give them the option to book an appointment with you.

Not all of them will book, but some will at this point… and that’s ok.

At this point, we’re actually going to put two different types of ads in front of them with the mission to CONVERT this lead into an actual appointment.

Those two types of ads are going to offer social proof and they’re going to handle objections.

And, we’re also going to have an email sequence that is focused on converting them – so you’re hitting them in three ways.

Everybody smile and say ‘omnipresence‘!

Let’s go back to the chiropractor example again…

At this point, you’re going to get one or two of your past clients to record a case study for you about how they had crazy knee pain and by following your program, they were able to start squatting heavier WITHOUT knee pain.

Then you’re going to sit down and brainstorm the most common reasons why gym rats won’t go to a chiropractor.

Maybe you come up with a list like…

  • Chiropractors only focus on the spine
  • It’s too expensive and I’m not sure if my insurance covers it
  • What if I don’t have insurance?
  • How does it actually help? Is it just in your head?
  • The popping and cracking makes me nervous…
  • I only go when I’m in pain
  • It’s not that bad – I’ll just take Advil and ice it

So then, you come up with videos to address each of those alongside your social proof videos – and in the call to action on your ad, is a link to a page with the ability to book an appointment on your calendar.

THESE videos are shown to the people who have opted in to your 5-day workout plan because they’re now primed to be sold.

Are you seeing the magic and how layering ads together turns someone who was ice cold into someone who can’t wait to meet you?

Putting It All Together

While this is a high-level overview of the 3-layer ad strategy, you might find yourself getting stuck trying to figure out who to target in your ads, what videos to record or how to write the ad copy so that people actually stop scrolling to watch the video and that’s more than I could possibly include in a single blog post.

So, what if instead of just giving you blog posts, I could…

  • Help you identify and target your perfect client
  • Create an offer (both front-end and one that forces them to book because your bonuses are so badass)
  • Create the retargeting video ads that get non-bookers to come back after you’ve built more trust with them
  • Create the actual page where they’ll book the appointment
  • Help you set up the ads, click-by-click, from beginning to end

… and what if I could do all of that FOR FREE?

It just so happens that we’re hosting a free, one-day summit with four different speakers to help you implement this entire strategy from beginning to end in your business so that you can create an appointment generating MACHINE.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

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