This Is What You Should Pay Attention To Instead Of “Leads”

In the days leading up to the New Year this year, how were you feeling about your business?

Were you proud of yourself for the last year and optimistic for this year?

Or did you write off the year completely and just start looking towards this year?

… and if it was the second, was that preceded by a little disappointment in yourself for not doing everything you set out to do?

It happens…

But that doesn’t mean it has to.

Too often, we’re so optimistic at the beginning of the year and little by little, we settle back into our comfortable ways and forget all about the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

Even though you might’ve grown a little last year, it doesn’t live up to our actual goals.

And as an empire builder, chances are, a HUGE part of the goals you fell short on were your business.

So what if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if your goals became a standard that you knew you’d hit rather than a target that you wish, hope and pray to hit?

I’m curious…

Is your business like a toddler that is erratic and unpredictable or is it like a soldier who is routine and scheduled?

Chances are, if you’re not reaching your goals, it’s because your business is more like the toddler than it is the soldier.

When your business becomes like a soldier that follows systems and routines, that’s when you get to step out of the every day grind of your business and start working on the high-level strategy, growth and the fun stuff.

Here’s the thing though…

No one ever wants to hear that because it’s boring.

You started a business because you wanted freedom and you wanted to work for yourself, not because you wanted to be a slave to your business.

There are two types of freedom.

There’s immediate freedom that allows you to skip work tomorrow if you want to and that lets you design your branding the way you want to.

Delayed freedom is the freedom that you’re actually seeking.

It’s the freedom that allows you to actually make money in your sleep, to go on vacation for a month if you want and to know that your business is still working without you.

Howeverrrr, you have to put in the work up front for that to be your reality in the future.

Like I said, boring, right?

I’m not saying it’s always boring… but it’s definitely more mundane than when you get to work solely on impulse and on what you feel like working on.

Unfortunately, the thing we WANT to work on isn’t always the thing we SHOULD be working on.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know though.

However, once you start systemizing your business, you discover time and mental white space to work on the fun stuff and systemizing your business becomes SUPER addicting once you start seeing the effects of it.

Ready to take this to another level?

If you’re sporadic in your business, your income probably looks a liiiiitle like this…

And your time is the complete opposite of that like the blue line…

And as a result, you only spend time looking for new business when you have time, even though you have no income, like the orange line…

Sound familiar?

Orrrr, even if you do have a business that generates consistent revenue, it’s probably because you’re the main hustler that’s looks for new business AND you’re also servicing that business… So if you took a vacation (or worse, something happened to you), your whole business would come to a screeching halt.

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