Agent Systems 2.0

A step-by-step framework for building a systems based real estate business

This anticlass is for badass agents who never had the time or patience to listen to airy-fairy stories from gurus and mega agents who never teach the how”.

This is an ANTI-class because it’s not about motivation, concepts, ideas or fluff.

Agent Systems 2.0 is structured for action, implementation and execution.


How It Works

There are 7 models you will build out during this experience and two models will be dripped out each week for four weeks and loaded into your account.

The first two models will be uploaded to your account by Monday, 11/29.

You must go through each of the models in your account before the corresponding implementation day so that we can focus on implementing (rather than teaching).

STEP 1: Dominate Your Brand

There are more agents than there are houses sold in this market. The average person used to know 6-8 realtors and in this market, that number has doubled. This section will help you build a brand that stands out instead of blending in.

In this model, you will:

  • Understand the nuances of standing out in a saturated market
  • Learn the single mistake that almost every agent makes that gets you ignored
  • Effortlessly maintain a consistent brand across all platforms
  • Optimize your social profiles to attract your target audience
  • Tell your story in a way that stops them in their tracks and makes them say "take my money"!

STEP 2: Create Your Sexy Offer

TCPA laws have enforced heavy penalties on agents who cold call, while spam blockers are stronger than ever and COVID made open houses and door knocking irresponsible. In a world where the old school methods of lead generation are completely discouraged, we’ve cracked the code on community building online.

In this model, you will:

  • Use 4 free lead generation strategies on social media to generate more referrals
  • Learn a super easy hack to get in the press to add more credibility to your brand
  • Turn one piece of content into 17 different pieces so you never run out content
  • Turn people you meet in person into raving fans on social media

Step 3: Social To CRM

The biggest challenge most people have when generating leads online is turning likes and follows into conversations and consultations. Our method leaves the landing pages to the designers and instead, gets belly to belly in the DMs with easy-to-build chatbots that capture lead info and auto-syncs it to your CRM.

In this model, you will:

  • Learn the easiest way to establish yourself as an expert
  • Deliver your expertise at scale so you can capture leads when you're not online
  • Sync contact info into your CRM without lifting a finger

STEP 4: Follow-Up Fortunes

Raise your hand if you like following up! Oh, no? 

No one does. With our lead conversion system, instead of being overwhelmed and feeling like you’re being overwhelming, make your database your sidekick so that no one ever falls through the cracks again and make your contacts fall in love with you.

In this model, you will:

  • Copy my follow-up formula that get responses and books consultations
  • Give each person a custom follow-up experience on autopilot
  • Get back in front of people who stopped opening your emails
  • Use a quick trick for getting your leads screened for you

STEP 5: Auto-Onboarding

What would your business look like and how different would it feel if you walked into every consultation knowing the client was yours if you wanted them? This system takes a front-loaded approach to onboarding your clients so that by the time you sit down with them, they can’t wait to work with you.

In this model, you will:

  • Ethically dominate your competition BEFORE stepping a foot in the door
  • Build a single page that onboards your clients without you lifting a finger
  • Shorten your consult time while also preparing your clients more effectively

STEP 6: Contracts To Cash

Your deals don’t have to monopolize your life and you can finally step off the income roller coaster once and for all by ensuring every single client gets an extraordinary experience and that your plan is executed exactly the way you want without having to micromanage the process.

In this model, you will:

  • Spend less time in each transaction with duplicatable checklists
  • The templates you MUST have during your transactions
  • The fastest way to onboard and train your virtual assistant or transaction coordinator to manage your transactions the same way you do
  • Give clients an experience that makes them excited to refer you
  • The showing agent system to work with more buyers without more hours

STEP 7: Explode Your Referrals

We’ve all heard the NAR statistic that said almost 90% of people would use their agent again but don’t. This nurture system will keep those relationships warm over the long term without taking up more of your time.

In this model, you will:

  • Build a simple process for keeping new contacts organized
  • Put everyone on a follow-up plan effortlessly
  • Stay top of mind with thoughtful touches that make people fall in love with you

Action Plans

These action plans will take you along the process of each model and give you implementable checklists and guides to break down each of the segments into actionable plans. 

Tech Tutorials

After explaining the model and helping you work the model into your business, the tech tutorials take you belly-to-belly, click-by-click into actually implementing every single step of the systems you’ll learn throughout the anticlass.


Valued at $997

4-Week Implementation Mastermind

Our wildly popular implementation masterminds are short, weekly segments where agents get together to work through each of these steps so that by the end of the day, your entire operations are up and running and you can share best practices or challenges with other agents in the same boat.

Implementation Dates: 12/13, 12/20, 1/3 and 1/10

Valued at $197

Showing Agent School

If you’ve thought about working with showing agents, Showing Agent School will walk your showing agents how to onboard themselves, get to know your (new) process and to show properties exactly like you do.

Valued at $997

My Entire Google Drive

When I hire a new VA in my business, I give them this exact same Google Drive and they onboard themselves. You’ll make a copy, tweak the templates to your business and share it with your admin team. There are over 50 email templates and 30 tech tutorials in here, startup guides and detailed action plans for every part of the business.

  • Editable Buyer And Seller Blueprint Guides
  • Showing Worksheet Template
  • Buyer, Seller and Tenant Intake Forms
  • 50+ Email Templates For Following Up, Transactionals, For Your VA and More
  • Steal my calendar booking page that has a 70%+ conversion rate

Here’s What Agents Said About My Systems Anticlass

When you join the Systems 2.0 Anticlass, you’ll get:

Systems 2.0 Anticlass

Training, Tools & Implementation
$ 597
  • 7 On-Demand Training Modules
  • Action Plan Workbooks
  • Tech Tutorials
  • 4 Zoom Implementation Days
  • 50+ Copy-And-Paste Templates
  • Showing Agent School
  • My Entire Google Drive
Best Deal

Got Questions?

Systems 1.0 introduced many concepts and we’ve added tons of depth to each section, combined branding and systems and included the leverage section.

Think of this like Systems 1.0 and Branding 1.0 had a baby that went to grad school.

Here are some of the things you’ll find that are new:

  • Implementation day is broken into 4 parts to give time to digest in between each section
  • There are 50+ new templates in 2.0 and I’m sharing my complete Google Drive
  • When working with VAs and showing agents, I’ve included my entire process for finding, onboarding and training them
  • With updates from the social platforms, we’ve shifted from landing pages to chatbots to keep communication inside of social media and its easier to capture information
  • There are more follow-up plans for various situations
  • We include our hacks for repurposing content
  • I’m sharing my templates for getting agent referrals
  • How to digitize your intake forms to shorten your consult and prep your clients better
  • Checklists for each step of transaction with tutorials for you or your assistant to do
  • The easiest way to organize your database and how to follow-up with people appropriately
  • Implementation plans for agents at each phase of their business
  • The toolkit is included in the anticlass instead of separately
Just like when you attend a conference or BOLD, you’re paying for the accountability and live instruction so you will need to repurchase 2.0 in order to participate. You will still have access to the 1.0 version.

Basically everything is new! 

The anticlass is a go-at-your-own-pace, on-demand online course that you can do at your own convenience while implementation days are hosted on Zoom and are interactive.

During each week of the 4-week mastermind, we’ll cover 2 modules on Zoom.

You will be required to complete the modules in the course BEFORE each implementation session and if you miss one of the sessions, you’ll have access to the recordings with the full version of the course.

We will begin the mastermind during the first week of January 2022.

We will run our mastermind as a 4-week implementation where there’s a 2-3 hour mastermind during each of the four weeks. We will cover two modules each week. You must complete each section prior to attending the mastermind since it’s focused on implementation, not teaching.

We do not teach anything new during implementation days. We just focus on what you’ve learned in the anticlass, answer questions and share ideas.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you do not mark the assigned sections complete by the day before each of the implementation masterminds, you will not get the invitation with the Zoom link. You will ONLY be invited when you finish your homework so that we can make sure everyone on the call is on the same page.

Luckily, there are tech tutorials that you can pause and rewind at any time to watch me go through each step click-by-click.

Our anticlass walks you through every single step of the process so being a new agent is a good thing because it means you have no bad habits. You can also check out our reviews to see what some of our new agents have to say!

You and your assistant are both invited to participate in both the anticlass and implementation days.

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