Systems For Solo Real Estate Agents Without Losing The Personal Touch

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Automation For Solo Superstars

Rockstar agents that are killing it in their business often feel like they don't have time to pull back to systemize their businesses for fear that everything will fall apart - even if they know they'll be able to slingshot ahead.

We built Systems 2 (Client Experience) to make it insanely easy for you to rip and duplicate systems without having to interrupt your day-to-day.

Automations To Streamline Your Entire Business

One-Click Import Of My FollowUpBoss Automations To Your Account

Showing Flow

Streamline your buyer's showing experience without losing your quality of service - and never having to show a property again.

Offer & Offer Review Flows

Write more contracts faster by leveraging your VA to draft your buyer's offers and review your seller's offers.

Refer To Lender Flow

When you're in the middle of lead generating, refer your buyer to your lender and let your automations ask for updates from your lender.

New Listing Flow

Launch your listings faster and more systematically by streamlining your new listing workflow.

Back To Shopping Flow

When a buyer's offer doesn't get accepted, streamline the process of getting them back to shopping without losing the personal touch.

Database Flows

Fall back in love with your database by simplifying your workflows and focus on the people, not the process.

Here's An Example Of The Refer To Lender Flow

Never let a lead fall through the cracks again.

Consult and Make Strategies for
Solo Superstars
Small Teams

What Else Is Included?

In addition to the automations, you'll get our Systems 2 Anticlass. We call it an anticlass because it's about implementation rather than gurus giving warm and fuzzy strategies.

Client Experience Anticlass

We call it an anticlass because it's not about gurus teaching surface level strategies with no implementation. Details below.

Showing Agent School

SAS is our mini course that you can use for your own showing agents to get them onboarded quickly.

One-Click FollowUpBoss Flows

In just one click, import my flows into your FollowUpBoss account to be up and running in just a few minutes.

Tech Tutorials

Even if you're not tech savvy, we've included click-by-click tutorials to help you implement every single step.

Client Experience Anticlass Details

Systems 2 (Client Experience) Builds On The Teachings From Systems 1. We strongly recommend using FollowUpBoss as your CRM.


Buyer Showing Experience

In the height of the pandemic, this showing flow saved me from burnout. In this market, it frees me up to continue to generate leads during the shift while my showing agent and VA are converting our existing clients.


Buyer Offer Experience

Ensure that your offers are getting drafted, submitted and reviewed quickly so that you can continue growing your business while your team runs your business.


New Listing Experience

Upgrade your listing experience with flows to ensure that your plan is implemented perfectly every single time so you can continue focusing on getting new listings.


Database Experience

FollowUpBoss is an incredibly powerful system that can be extremely overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Steal my entire database setup that I use to keep 11,000 contacts organized and converting.

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John Murphy

Founder & Consultant at Leon International

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Julia Keys
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Julia Keys
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Julia Keys
Founder & Owner

Hi, I'm Alexa!

Coming from a family of workaholic parents, I got to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the “I do this for you” mindset.

In 2018, my dad passed away from a stress-induced heart attack that was a result of not prioritizing himself, self-care or having systems in his business.

After that, I committed to building a business that allowed me to fund my goals but that I didn’t have to be a slave too.

Little by little, these systems came together to create an amazing client experience where I got to focus on my relationships and the parts of the business I love while incorporating leverage in a way that didn’t become another full time job.

I sell $10M in real estate running a highly profitable real estate business and spend most of my time focused on sharing our mission with other agents.

Your family deserves the best of you...
Not the rest of you.

It's time that you run your business rather than it running you.