So much more than a website.

Client Funnels are the secret weapon for relationship-based agents to onboard clients and turn them into raving fans effortlessly.

Client Funnels At Work

Most websites focus on converting top-of-funnel IDX leads that need endless nurturing.

Client Funnels actually onboards warm leads into clients.

Why It Works

Establish Credibility

Stand out without ever saying a word with the consultation pages which were built to establish social proof.​

Drive Immediate Action

Explode conversions by leading your client through each step to maximize the time they are on your site.​

Streamlined Onboarding

Gather all necessary information at one time to save time and eliminate the endless back and forth.​

Familiar Experience

Clients welcome this experience because it feels familiar and keeps the "personal touch" at the center.

Scalable Systems

Your funnels open lines of communication to incorporate an admin into your business.

Social Media Friendly

Drive traffic to your Client Funnels from social media and your email signature to convert more traffic.

How Client Funnels Work

Client Funnels Overview

Drive all of the traffic from your marketing efforts into Client Funnels to onboard your clients seamlessly.


Consult Pages

The first page the client experiences in your Client Funnel is designed to establish trust and answer the question of, “can I trust you?”

This page immediately goes for a warm close by encouraging them to book a consultation on your calendar at the moment you’ve earned their trust.


Intake Forms

Clients want to know that their wants and needs are heard. Intake forms deliver a familiar experience (like going to the doctor) where we dig into everything that’s important to them. These intake forms also work double duty by triggering your systems to start and to save time during consultations.


Client Presentations

Upon completion of the intake form, the buyer is redirected to watch the educational workshop which saves time during your consultation. When a seller completes their intake form, they are redirected to your listing presentation page (fully customizable) and demonstrates your unique value proposition.

By the time you sit down with them, you’ve already taken every step to stand out from any other listing agent that might sit down with them.


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User Friendly Design

If you can design in Canva, you can customize your Client Funnels. The template makes it easy to edit your branding, colors, font and logos with Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor. Because we’ve built on WordPress, your Client Funnels are infinitely customizable to express your creativity to your heart’s content.

Done For You Option

If you just don’t have the time, desire or creative spark to setup your new Client Funnels yourself, we can set it up for you. We have an additional one-time $600 customization fee if you want my designer to do it for you. You will select this option once you are inside of the Systems 1 training course.

View The Demo

Click the button to see how the website comes out of the box. We give you tutorials for customizing the branding and scripting for every step of the process. 

Client Funnels vs. Other Sites

Most real estate websites capture top-of-funnel leads or focus on beauty over conversion. Client Funnels builds relationships and onboards leads into actual clients on autopilot.

  • Client Funnels
  • Placester
  • Agent Image
  • Broker Offered
Features Client FunnelsPlacesterAgent ImageBroker Offered
Social Proof Pages
Calendar Scheduling
Client Intake Forms
Buyer Workshop Hosting
Listing Presentation
IDX SolutionIntegration*
Zapier IntegrationPossibly
Limitless Customization
Pricing$397 Setup + $49/Month$79/Month$7500 Setup + $90/MonthDependent On Brokerage
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

*We do not have a direct Client Funnels IDX integration. Most of our agents have an IDX feed through their brokerage or CRM so we recommend adding a link to your search site on your Client Funnels page.

Straight Forward Pricing

$49/Month Plus A One Time $397 Initiation Fee
  • Template Site
  • Implementable Action Plan
  • Scripts For Incorporating Client Funnels
  • Buyer Negotiation Workshop Slides
  • Follow Up Boss Automations
  • Calendly Integrations
  • Zapier Zaps For Integrating Any CRM
  • Click-By-Click Tutorials
  • Quarterly Live Implementation Day
  • 3 Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Site
  • Web Hosting + Ongoing Maintenance

This Is The Best Decision You'll Make In Your Business All Year.

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What Happens Next?

After purchase, you will get an email with your access instructions to your training and how to set up your new site. If you’d like us to design the site for you, you’ll do that during the setup of your site. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.


The $397 setup fee includes your training course for setting up your client funnels and includes the editable workshop slides. You’ll get a 30-day free trial of your website and it’s $49/month after that.​

Yup – the site is built on WordPress so you can easily change colors, fonts, photos, your logo and even redesign addWh pages if you so choose.​

You can easily cancel within your site with just a few clicks. We’re not in the business of holding you hostage so there’s no contract.

Yes! There is a one-time $799 customization fee to setup your entire site for you. Once you are into your portal, you’ll be able to purchase the customization package and complete the intake form with all of your assets. The turnaround time is 14 days.

We’ve put together dozens of training videos that walk you through exactly what to do click-by-click so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure it out yourself.​

We also host implementation day regularly on Zoom in small groups to set everything up together.

We’ve found most agents already have a company-offered or preferred IDX platform. We’ve made it easy to incorporate your own.

Some that we recommend include Ylopo, KW Command and kvCore.

If you have an IDX site, this will integrate beautifully. If you already have a pre-designed site, Client Funnels would replace it. 

No. This will act as your website that will feed into your CRM. We have a deep integration with Follow Up Boss and have added a dozen automations specific to Client Funnels but you can use any CRM that integrates with Zapier.

Technically, yes – but you likely won’t have a great conversion rate. These sites work best as conversion tools for leads on the hook. To learn more about how to drive traffic using social media, please see our marketing bundles.

Yes. You will need a Calendly and Zapier account. To run the site properly, you will need the paid version of Calendly which totals approximately $15/

Go From ‘A Realtor’ To ‘My Realtor’ With Client Funnels

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